Monday, February 9, 2009

My Treasured Gifts~

My Treasured Gifts~
My Jackie Rose loves red and her eyes are blue
She is the cutest girl I ever knew(well her sister too)
She brings her smile and her sweet little voice
To tell me she loves me and what a great mom I am
Even on the days I don't think it could be true
She reminds me of all I can do!

She makes colorful pictures for me to hang
She helps in the kitchen... she can open the beans
and can make the best potatoes and gravey I have ever seen!
She is a constant reminder of how blessed I am!
So I would like to take a moment to tell the Lord above "Thank You Jesus for my child to love!"
You gave her to me for me to love.... you knew just what I needed! and she gives great Hugs!

I'm glad I trusted God with my family size
because if I hadn't Jackie would not have arrived
and he has since blessed our family with baby #6
We now have quite a mix

The Lord gave me my fertility and free will to choose!?
I will accept more children if that be his plan and don't care pink or blue?
they are all blessings and we can make them fit
into our house no matter how small it is and I won't throw a fit!

God will provide for all my needs
he can see around the corner and knows just what I need
I would be kidding if I say at times I don't get scared..trusting in what you can't see can be hard for some to bare!

I just read my bible
THE WORD is there
it calms my fears
and I can feel HIM there.

Happy Valentines Day!

I love you girl~ you are a true gift from God!

With all my heart,
poem writtten by Georgiann

All children are a blessing from God!
Trust in the Lord in all you do!

I love the 3-4 age! Jackie is such a Joy to be around! She is a great helper,says the cutest things and makes the best art I've ever seen!

I pray everyone is having a great day!

I'm painting some kitchen cabinets a Cherry Red! I can't wait to post pictures on my other blog! Its hard to get it done I have the girls as helpers! Well I think the first coat of primer is dry so I better get back to work...bye for now!

{I just realized this it my 100th special is that!}


  1. Aw lady, you gonna make me cry! :)
    So special. I love to visit cheery. Red! That is cool!
    Better than a woman wearing it to show off! ;)

  2. Georgiann...where in Washington do you live, if I may ask? Well, if you don't want to put it here, that's ok..I'm just wonderin. My sister lives in Spokane. Are you far from there? Does your family live out in the country? It seems so..well, I just showed my daughter your blog. She reminds me so much of your little gal in the cherry dress at that age! Brings back wonderful memories!

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