Monday, December 6, 2010

Changing thINGS uP

I can really use your help....
You can see my hubby and son Jacob out in the backyard.....they are putting up the Christmas lights.
Ok I hesitated to show this picture but here it is anyway!
My project this week is to purge and organize ALL the stuff in the corner of this room.
All things in the corner need to find a new home to make way for our Christmas tree.

Our house is kind of like a Rubik Cube. Main pieces of furniture get moved from room to room as the needs of each room/family change.
The green table came from the was to be my sewing/home school desk for Noah. 
Then we adopted Jasper our Border Collie. He is a bit compulsive and there for MUST sleep in a create at night.  He can't be trusted to roam about the house alone at night! He loves to retreat to his create on occasion during the day to rest from the kiddos.
The create needed a it found its place, tucked under the green table. There fore making it impossible to sit at the table and do school work or sew!
I'm not sure where the create will go now?....hubby says the dog can sleep in the garage...I say NO!
After Christmas this corner will not be home to the same furniture.
I might bring the one of the girls doll houses back down stairs?

Once upon a time this same corner was home to the girls LARGE play kitchen, which is now stuffed in their bedroom. They love it and play with it often so we are not willing to part with it.
Eventually the green table will be in our family closet/laundry room upstairs. It has been 3yrs in the making and is still not finished! I will only dare to show you the before picture when I have the after one in hand to show at the same time! You WILL be blown away! :)

So this is a picture of  the rest our COZY living room.
The kiddos are playing with the GEO train set that is usually stored and forgotten under Noah's bed.
It did take a mint load of batteries to get the engines up and running but it has been hours of fun for the kiddos yesterday.....from 10 am-bedtime (do I dare tell the time?.....9:30pm)
My homeschooled bunch is now up this morning and at play again with the long forgotten train set as they nibble cake donuts in the living room.

I need your help....

While we are on the topic of making changes.....I have been thinking for a while now that I might want to get rid of the red (Berh Glazed Raspberry) from around the fire place. I also have the red on one wall in my dining room to blend the rooms. I was thinking of painting it a blue (I have not even got samples) so I'm not at all sure of a shade...but something grey blue or maybe a bright type blue?

Do any of you have an idea or suggestion of paint colors?
I feel like my living room mimics a MC Donald ketchup packet!

I have green on another wall that is opposite the fireplace.....the green goes into the hall and entry of the house.

Peace and Love,


  1. Georgiann,
    Well, I'm not going to be much help. I just hate to visit and not let you know I was here!! :-) I did want to comment that I think your area rug looks exactly like the one we just threw out after faithfully serving us for over 4 years. Boy that thing could hide the dirt!!! :-) But alas our aging dachshund decided to mark his territory one too many times and once they do that... Sigh. So now we only have carpet in one room and soon that will be replaced too! Carpet + children/pets = stress!! Anyway, blessings to you with your home changes projects!! See I told you I wouldn't be much help!! Giggle

  2. I'd say bright blue...or turquoise or teal? - maybe something like that but nothing grey-ish - it would look cold...I think...nice bright turquoise -not too bright thought but also not too dark...just something in the middle :) :)
    I love your living room - it's perfect :) I like it that way - when you can see that people live there and furniture moves and little things change - I do that often in my room - move my bed and table etc. :)


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