Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Yarn Along.....

My books and knitting project.

I was and am so saddened by the news of Elizabeth Edwards death yesterday.
I had started reading her book "Saving Graces" during this last summer and was very much enjoying it...
 I'm not sure what has kept me from finishing it.
Probably life in a home of 8, sport schedules a garden and a new dog?

As a family we are also doing some read aloud from these other books!
Where The Red Fern Grows....ah a wonderful book from my childhood.
(this copy is from the library)

So last night I dug around my bedroom and was delighted to find my book....and thrilled that I was able to find it quickly! lol {sigh*}
With a hot cup of red lavender tea on my bedside table,the cozy ambiance of my softly lite night light and a warm blanket wrapped around me I tearfully read the words written by a woman in her early battle with breast cancer.
Elizabeth was a wonderful woman and mother....she endured the death if her son age 16 from a car crash,
the heart break of infidelity and the 6 year battle of her life with breast cancer.
Cancer won yesterday....or did it?

How do we really define a win or a loss?

May Elizabeth Edwards rest now in peace.

So this is my yarn and.....well.....
now my book and life has me  knot  not knitting as much.

For those of you new to the yarn a long or my blog...
These are the first 2 project I have ever made....not sure what they will be?
One a scarf and the other perhaps a purse or bag?

To join in or see what others are doing go to {small things} Ginny's blog
for her Yarn A Long meme.
Peace and Love,


  1. :) I've started knitting a sweater some time ago...since then I wanted it to be a vest, than scarf and now I just knit squares and will probably make some cosy blanket out of them... :)

    I like the colorful yarn, it looks great :) - good luck with your knitting and reading :)

  2. Yes, I too was saddend to hear of Mrs. Edwards death - she was an incredibly gracious woman. I did not agree with her political views at all but she seemed to handle the tragedies in her life with such poise and after reading her last written words yesterday I am impressed with her spirit!!! I have been crocheting like crazy to finish some Christmas gifts so my hands are never far from my yarn. I just finished reading (this morning) a Grace Livingstone Hill book. I just love her!! Hope you are doing well - did you get the huge thunderstorm this morning? We had a huge storm that dumped so much rain and got the kids and dog all hyped up from the thunder and lightening - exciting!!!

    Blessings to you Georgiann!!!

  3. I was sad too when I heard she had died. My sister in law, has been fighting breast cancer for over a year now. The chemo worked and so far everything looks good. Praise the Lord.
    Your projects look good! I think everyone is knitting a bit less because there is so much to do this season.

  4. Your knitting is looking great!


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