Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mamas Little Elves {part 2}

This little elf helped mama make Nut Crunch Granola.
Go here for the recipe.

So awesome to be in the kitchen with my little ones!
I am one blessed mama!

We are all having fun getting ready for Christmas.
After a busy day making things with the kiddos, hubby and I snuck out (ok we did tell a few of the kiddos) lol and did some Christmas shopping together. Then had dinner at Red Robin. I wanted to go to a Indian food place....but hubby (who never tried it, ahumm) said, he did not want to go there! :(
It was fun anyways!

On a different note.... I have a prayer request.
A gal Andrea, I know from church gave premature birth (due in March or April) to a baby girl
Jazmym Raye last week....the baby passed away a few hours later.
This was to be her 6th child!
The funeral is tomorrow.
Can you pray for their families grieving heart?

Also could you please pray for:
 Dana and her husband John from an online home school  forum I belong.
They will be having the funeral of her 22 month old son today.
Mattias Ryker passed away due to a freak accident in the home earlier this week, you can

Thank you :)

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