Monday, December 20, 2010

The Sights,Sounds and Smells Of Christmas~

With only a few more days til Christmas I will be taking the rest of the week off~
I will be back on Monday~

I have much to do.....

Make some lemon lavender shortbread
Make some Chex Mix
Make some peanut brittle

Finish sewing our fabric gift bags
Help the girls finish making our gift tags
Help the girls sew their sachets for gift giving~

Wrap many gifts (with our fabric bags)~
Order the prime rib for Christmas Eve dinner~

I will also be snuggling up and reading to the kiddos from our
 many Christmas stories.......I was really late finding them! :(
December flew  by so fast!

I am also excited my mom is coming out for a visit.....I still need to wash the sheets for her bed! eeekkk!
Did I mention she will be here tomorrow?

Merry Christmas~

If you are new to my blog welcome and
 feel free to read some of my past posts!

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