Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Mircales

Well Christmas was full of so many little miracles this year!

My mom is still here visiting....she leaves in a few short hours, so this post will be quick this morning as I want to spend my time with her! My dad has heart issues and was not able to travel with mom on this visit.
Dad stayed home in Arizona.

Christmas was not so overwhelming this year as it has been for me in the was our simplest Christmas ever~ SSOOO peaceful~

My cloth bags really helped with less trash and was did not buy as many gifts. (as the kids get older they want one expensive thing not many small toys)
I got a  new upgrade to a higher zoom and a faster shutter speed + I can adjust the aperture.

I will be in and out here on the blog until after the new year. I have friends to visit in real life and my hubby has the week off~
After Jan.1 2011, I plan to post daily.
(during the weekdays)

Peace, Love and Prayers,

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  1. Happy to hear that you had a lovely Christmas!!

    Happy New Year!!



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