Monday, March 23, 2009

Adam Lambert ~

Adam Lambert is a contestant on American Idol and has been in the music biz since he was 10. I really think this guy has talent and could win American Idol! I like the work he has been in. This guy gets my vote!!!

Here is a clip of some of his earlier work before being on Idol! He plays Joshua in a biblical musical! WOW does he have AWESOME vocals! God has truly blessed this young man.



  1. I am saying prayers for different reasons for him..yes, he clearly has a gift from God and my prayers are that he fully realizes this and is grateful to God for it and doesn't let what he's done here..leave him. So many times in the world of entertainment..they lose their way.
    Jesus and Mary be with him.

  2. I agree with you!
    I pray you are havin' a great weekend!


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