Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Taste Of Spring!

Up here in the Great Northwest we get cold rainy weather clear up until May! We got snow a few weeks ago. Mostly its been high winds and rain. There were thunder storms a few nights ago.

A few days ago the sun made an appearance. It was a treat to feel the warm sun on my face. The sun stayed for about 3 hours. Then it cooled way down and a coat was needed.
I did get a taste of spring fever! I opened all the doors and windows and let the fresh air in.

Mean while.....

The girls and I went outside to plant all the primroses I bought back in Feb. for our Valentines dinner! Primroses are very hardy and will make a full recovery I'm sure!

Jackie and I hung the bird feeder she made from a paper towel roll,bacon grease and bird seed! I was hoping to get a picture of a bird on it but they were to quick!

The chickens have been enjoying the free range and will be producing eggs sometime this spring! They are only 8 or 9 months old! We have 3 hens but only 2 keep getting out! I need to trim their wings again!

Olivia had fun sitting on the trike. She felt like such a big girl! (Sister was still diggin' in the dirt and was not there to bother her). LOL

We all had a beautiful time being outside together and I'm now getting in gear to start some seeds indoors. Here in my state we have a very short growing season!
Most of the winter is spent indoors.

I took a deep breath of fresh air....and boy did it feel good!

Rejoice in the Lord for he is good!



  1. Aw, glad you got outdoors. How is the kitchen painting coming did start that, didn't you? You've had me wanting to use red too, but I really would have to change things up quite a bit in order to do that. I really need to redo our bedroom and bath first, yet, those kitchen cabinets do need something......
    Anyway, chickens? Planting primroses? You don't mess around! :)

  2. The redecorating has been coming along....slower that I had planed!

    I go through spurts of energy. And I want to wait for nicer snowed today. I went to the garden section of Fred Meyers to get seeds and such to start somethings indoors and looked out and it was snowing!!

  3. I know just how you feel! Here in michigan, it feels like forever till it stops raining and being cold! Yesterday it was in the 60's the boys and I were able to get outside and it was so nice!



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