Monday, March 2, 2009

Dream Big in Small Places!

This is one of my favorite 10 minute videos! I have posted it on my blog before and thought it was worth sharing again!

I want to get you inspired at what you can grow in your yard no matter how small!
Now is the time to get your seeds started indoors!

Lets make the most of the good earth the Lord has given us!

Even if you start out with a small container garden on a patio. Make this year your ground breaking!


Lets get diggin'


  1. Wonderful! Well, my husband was really into planting veggies a few years back. We lived at a house where the ground had some good soil.
    Now, where we live, I don't know what is going year our tomatoes turn out lovely and the next..pitiful. I'm sure he had his heart into it some years more than others. I've already mentioned to him that I would very much like a better garden this year with more lettuce, green peppers, beans, tomatoes, and yellow squash. Think I'll get my way? :) I guess I've gotta get the spirit more too..I was brought up a city girl and I always get butterflies just thinking about doing more new things, but you don't start until you take the very first step, do you? I also want my kids to know something more than we've shown them in the past. Are you vegetarians?
    Thanks for the is good! I too like the non confrontational way this guy offers to us .. a better way.

  2. Thanks for coming by!

    No we are not vegitarian but we do eat at least one meatless dish a week. (even when its not Lent)
    I have one child that eats little to no meat. So I'm always thinking of high protien meatless dishes.

    I plant my tomatoes in containers on the patio.
    I put manure and potting soil in the container. Then you strip off all the leaves exept the top few.

    Plant the tomato starts deep. All the tiny hairs on the plant will make new roots. You should have almost the whole plant buried. It will be stong and grow taller. It will have many deep roots to get it water from. Produceing big plump tomatoes...they do need lots of water!


  3. WoW! Thanks! I am sure we've never done this..never planted them that deeply. Makes great sense and I can't wait to tell Danny about this.
    Any other helpful hints about veggie gardening? Do you do most in containers? He injured his pelvis years ago and I got this gardening book and it talks about the great need for great compost and how to do that, but the guy admits..its back breaking in the respect of having to turn it, etc.
    Do you do any box type gardening?
    I'm getting excited. :)

  4. This year will be my first to start a compost pile or bin? I'm not sure how I will do that. I usually just buy bags of matured compost from the store and mix it with baged potting mix.
    Yes,most of my plants have been in contaianers, herbs,tomatos,cucumbers,zuccinni,
    pumpkins,and edible flowers like nasturtiums and pansies.

    This last weekend (between snow storms LOL) I rented a sod cutter and will be plantting a large garden. The sod cutter cuts lifts and cuts the grass roots and all...into sheets that can be carries away. Then wala! Soil to plant in. I will have beans (that can be dried for soup)and string beans,cabbage,corn,brocoli,carots,
    beets,radishes,peas,sunflowers,and other edible flowers.
    I will do my lettuce and some herbs indoors this year so I can grow them ALL year!. I bought several a $8.00 grow lights to hang in the kitchen.
    In many ways this is my Ground Breaking year.
    I'm going to try some new things!

    You can grow a lot of things in containers on the patio. Thats a fun and easy way to start!


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