Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Trip To The Health Food Store!

This is the view as we drive home from the BIG city. We live about a 1 hour drive up into the foothills of the Mountain!
We went to a birthday party at a fun center in the city so I decided to stop in and get a few things at the health food store since we had driven so far!

We bought herbs to go into my flax seed warming packs that I make!
I also picked up some boxes of Earth Mama Angel Baby Herbal tea.

Cereal was on sale! Great cereal with out the health food store price!

We needed to pick up drinks for the long ride home!

The lotion testers are always fun! Which one should I try?
We ended up getting a lotion bar in a tin made with bees wax. The family that makes them is local to the area and has a bee farm.
We also got 2 bars of sweet smelling Goats Milk soap!

We also had fun smelling the candles and looking and all the organic cotton clothes on the clearance rack. None were in my size....I thing God was telling me something!
{No not that I need to loss weight....I just did not need any clothes!}

We had a very relaxing time strolling through the store....taking time to smell the flowers so to speak!
Jackie loved pushing the cart around the store and we all enjoyed the sounds of the soft music and smells of the organic deli food cooking in the cafe.

With every breath I took I felt more and more relaxed! The scent of food,herbs,candles,soaps and such filled the air! The girls were smiling,behaving and having a great time. Happy girls....Happy Momma!

What a beautiful day the Lord hath made,rejoice and be glad in it!


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