Wednesday, March 25, 2009

No More Easter Bunny~

We believe children are a heritage of the Lord! We have grown to a family of 8 so far... Mom,Dad and 6 kiddos!
It has been in the last year or so that God had put things on my heart in regards to my family and the way we celebrate holidays meant for the LORD!

It seems that as our family size has grown, the cost of "celebrating" holidays and birthdays has cost more and more MONEY and gives me a logistical headache. So I asked this what GOD wants?

Putting together 6 Easter baskets cost about $80.00. Our house does not need cheap trinkets and ALL that candy. Don't get me wrong, this girl loves her candy! But do I need to spent so much money on candy? No way! Not anymore!
A few bags of our favorite candy on the Easter Brunch table will do just fine.

I also have a hard time finding the baskets from the year before and my hubby hates the plastic grass that goes in the baskets...the babies could choke on it and it makes a big mess on the rug!

I had to ask myself...Is spending money on "Bunny Baskets" honoring the Lord? Is it being a good steward of the money we have? The answer was clearly NO!

Don't get me wrong, I don't think people that do celebrate with baskets are going to H-E double hockey sticks or anything. I just think the more our family follows the Lord in letting him control our family size and our finances...He (the Lord) speaks to my heart to not waste money and time on things that don't matter.

Each time a child is birthed into our family the more I seem to need God! Or maybe I just seem to realize my need more. The logistics of everything changes the more children you have. I'm not sure those with fewer children know what I mean?

Lately I have been reflecting on my motives for celebrating things and what am I teaching my children. I don't have to give up on giving my children fun times and happy family memories!
We will just have ones that make sense in our walk with Christ and keep the focus on Him! We will just do things in a new way.

Easter is not the only holiday that we were wasting money on.
We changed our celebration of can read more about it here!

God was not being honored with our old ways of Halloween!

We no longer give birthday parties for the kids. We celebrate our children's birth together as a family with kind deeds, homemade cakes and a special meal for the birthday person. Good bye goody bags, cheap gifts that clutter and over priced cakes.

We will still have our family egg hunt on Easter!

Jesus died on the cross for our Salvation and on the third day he arose again and is seated at the right hand of the father. Eggs are a symbol of new life. Easter is a time of new life.... a rebirth of sorts!
After Lent we should be a changed person....created anew in Christ! There will be no talk of bunnies or will there be any baskets. Auntie will hide the eggs after Church and we all eat brunch at our house!

Happy Easter to all! Remember its a day to honor the Lord and what he did for us!

Peace in Christ,


  1. Hi Georgiann. You really have things in the right perspective. If it takes us away from God, it is not good. We have never promoted the Easter Bunny or the "spring" decorations during Lent. We decorate a little on Holy Saturday evening so the kids wake up to a celebration. Still, you're right all the basket stuff is a distraction/buffer from seeing and celebrating the Resurrection of our Lord.

    A feast-like astmosphere of celebration can be done in the right way. ...and yes those baskets are always hard for me to find too.

    thanks for the prayers,

  2. When I read in scriptures of what happened to John the baptist I decided then that big birthday celebrations were not a good thing~ In matter of fact for family reasons we do no celebrations of any kind~ I Love the Lord and the everyday gift of life and my blessings of children~ So that is my daily Thanksgiving and celebration~ Blessings to you and yours and I too am praying for another blessing for my family~ A daughter would look quite nice with 3 older brothers that are in the home~ I have a 31 year old daughter and a 28 year old son~ They have their own little families going on~

  3. I haven't been by in a while and thought I would read a bit while I nak.

    We don't do the Easter bunny either (or Halloween), but I do go ahead and put out "modest" baskets. I got reprimanded by my son's Sunday School teacher one time b/c I didn't let him do the Easter bunny?!

    I hope all is well with you :)

  4. There is nothing wrong with your post here and pretty much everything right! :) Happy upcoming Easter!
    Almost Alleluia time! :)

  5. Hi Amy!
    I have missed you! Its nice to "see" a familiar face!



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