Thursday, March 12, 2009

Homemade Quesadilla Sammies~

Today was a fun day in the kitchen. I found this really yummy tortilla flour mix made by Quaker. It was on the flour isle just add warm water to make the dough.

I used a dinner plate that was flipped over as my template for my tortilla size.
You can use a rolling pin or just your hands to flatten a 1 inch ball of dough.

Then cook in dry skillet on Med/Hi heat. No need for oil!

I topped the ones for the girls with cheddar cheese. For my little sammy I put canned turkey,cheese,cilantro and spinach! You can get creative! They taste way different than a store bought tortilla.

Last Friday I made a crock pot of homemade re fried pinto beans and the homemade tortillas for our meatless dinner. It was a hit! My teenager wanted to know when I was going to make it again!

I love being a mom! God has truely blessed more ways than I can count!
It is right to give him thanks and praise!

I have such a great time cooking with the girls! I love making special meals and treats for ALL my kiddos! My children are such a blessing to me!
The girls and I also made a multi grain fruit muffin bread for the boys after school snack! I will post the pics. of that in a few days.

The sun is out today so its time to play outside for a bit before dinner!


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