Thursday, September 23, 2010

Celebrating The Harvest Meme Starting Monday~

I would like to start a  "Celebrate The Harvest" meme.

I have never done this before so bare with me as I figure out how all this will work!
(I want to have folks join in and some how link up)

So what is Celebrate The Harvest?

It is (or will be) a recipe share. How are you using the veggies, herbs or fruit you grew in your garden?
What creative dishes do you make to use your home grown goodness?

I want others to participate by linking up......I'm not sure how to do this part. I will try to do a Mr. Linky but not sure how. I might have to do it rookie style. (no laughing allowed) lol :)

I will start the first "Celebrate The Harvest" post on Monday Sept.27
Let me know if you will be joining me?

Post Edit note:
 It is OK to participate and share recipes of garden harvests of years past. This year was not a good growing year for most of us. All are welcome to participate!

Maybe you usually grow beets and carrots but they did not do good this year (like mine)......share anyways do you add them to stew....roast them?

Peace and Love,


  1. Hi this is Rachel Scott you visited my blog a while back I am new to blogging and am quite impressed with your blog. Can you contact me at, I want to ask you a few questions because I like your links and would like to add a few of your links but know so little about how it all works. Thanks so much! Rachel

  2. This sounds so fun!! Although my harvest was so little this year I didn't have much to work with. Here's to hoping for a much bigger garden harvest mext summer!! I'll rack my brains for a recipe or two!! Hope your birthday was wonderful!!


  3. Georgiann,
    Sounds great!! My garden was completely non existent except for the peppers that I was able to rescue from the weeds. :-( So I haven't been able to harvest much of anything. I did dry some peaches that I bought. :-)

    I'm going to be doing a giveaway starting Monday or Tuesday--cloth nursing pads that I want to find a happy home for. I've never had a giveaway before so it should be fun. :-)

    Have a great weekend!!


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