Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Preschool Time In Our Home~ Part 1

While working with my older kiddos on home school work, Olivia my 2 (almost 3yr old) works on puzzles or other "blanket time" activities. {blanket time can be used when mom or dad need 20-30 minutes to get something done}
This week we are blest to have my husbands parents out for a visit! Grandma is helping Olivia with her letter recognition. Its OK to use older kids games such as Boggle JR. to let even your Little's get familiar with letters.

Blanket Time~

Blanket time is something I read about in the
Duggars book 20 and Counting.

The idea is to practice quiet activity time on a blanket.
Start out requiring only a few minutes on the blanket then gradually increasing the time up to 20-30 minutes.
The child uses his or her "special" blanket and "special" toy or activity to play with on the blanket.
Children are not to bother another or take toys off anothers blanket.

Moms (or dads) can use this time 20-30 minutes to make dinner,do laundry,read or what have you.

Once your Little's are trained, you can use this technique anywhere! The doctors office or other times you might have to wait some place!
I have a closet of all our blanket time activities.
I will post again soon and show you more of the types of things we use!
 (we now don't always have to use blankets) My kiddos know to leave each other alone. Blankets are nice though as,
children must keep ALL parts of their toy ON the blanket! 

Peace and Love,


  1. I am also enjoying my days with my preschoolers teaching ABCs - my twins are the most motivated of all my children, each day they beg me to do their ABCS - maybe it's because we have been making egg box puppets - one for each letter of the alphabet which are basically manipulatives crafted from card that you stick on an icy pole stick and poke into the the cones of the eggbox. They have 'races' each day to see who can put all their puppets into the box in the right order. We are up to Q so today looks like I will be making 'queens'!
    Funnily enough I was just reading last evening through a Montessori book about blanket time and thinking of implementing that for the twins when I am teaching the older children as bedrooms are being messed up at this time so good to read about how it works for you Georgiann!

  2. I did blanket time with my now 7 year old and it was super successful. But when I tried to do it with our now 5 year old it didn't work at all and I couldn't figure our why. Then my daughter pointed our that we had had hardwood floors done and the blanket would slide all over the floor and the toys fell off and Jacob grew frustrated at the "messy" blanket. It's still difficult to implement with our smallest for the same reasons (area rugs are just not in the budget any time soon :0)!!) So we are working on something smilar but boy - I do miss that wonderful time with the baby sitting nearby on the snuggly blanket playing while we do school!!!!


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