Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Where Did Everybody Go? And Giveaway Winner!

Jasper looking to see where Nick was going so early this morning!

Well I'm not sure why many folks came by my blog (many of them followers) and no one but Christine decided to enter my giveaway? Was it to hard to think of a funny story? Maybe you all were just busy?

So without further suspense LOL the winner is...........Christine from Joy of 8!
Congrats to you! Just email me your address and I shall mail off all your goodies!

Today was back to school day for my 3 older kiddos. {I only home school my youngest 3}

It seems like I should take the morning to relax? Right?

Well my Inlaw's are due to arrive in the next day or two for a 2 week stay! There is much needed to get done before they get here (with a large brood of kiddos I can't start cleaning to early or it just gets messed up again) lol

My to do list:
 6 loads of wash
1 load of dishes
clean dining table
wipe counters
clear clutter from the coffee table
clean both main bathrooms
clean sheets for guests bed

Chores for Noah
Vacuum the downstairs
Take out trash
Feed the chickens and check for eggs
Tidy up the game room

Jackie and Olivia
Fold the bath towels
Load both bread machines
Tidy their room
Check the garden for ripe produce

All my little ones also have their home school work to do as well!
Noah does some of his work independently but the girls need me to sit with them to talk them through their homework.

As you can see I have a busy day and it 9:30 here so I better get started!

Peace and Love,


  1. congrats to christine!

    yes i have actually been busy... sorry i did not enter! My husband had a birthday, then my son, then weeks of "false labor," then Tuesday I gave birth, been 1 handed since then. ;)

    hope you have a wonderful visit with your inlaws!

  2. Mirage,

    Congrats on the birth of your new little one!
    I pray you are able to get rest when you can catch it!

    Thanks for stoppin by!

    Peace and Love~

  3. Well, even if I was the only one to enter I am thrilled I won - I've never won a give away before!! :0)!! I have not checked back until now since I have been so very busy with fall fruit and school!!! You sound busy too!! Hope your visit wth family is wonderful!!!



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