Saturday, September 18, 2010

Its My Birthday~

Today is my birthday and hubby decided to take me and his parents out for a nice dinner (no kids)!
We bought the kiddos pizza then the 4 of us adults headed off to the Olive Garden to indulge!
I got my fill fast.....and had to box up over half my dinner!

We came home and watched Meet The Parents on TV. (It just got over)
I came on-line to see if Amy from Raising Arrows had her baby~ You are on my heart and in my thoughts and prayers (as you are every night).
Praying that your baby arrives soon and safely! :)

I had a wonderful birthday~
This morning my dog Jasper graduated from his Basic training class and we then enrolled in the Intermediate class due to start in 3 weeks!

My In laws will be leaving on Monday.......It will be nice to get back on a regular schedule once they are gone!
Grandpa had a cold when we arrived.....then Grandma got one.....then just as Grandpa started to feel better he came down with another cold!.......They then shared it with my 5yr old Jackie :(

Our State Fair is going on for another week. Hubby plans to take a few days off  next week and we will go one of the days! My kids love the hobby hall collections,art,quilts,veggie and fruits from the local granges! Oh how we love the fair!

Well its late here and my bed is calling~ so good night blog friends~

Peace and Love,


  1. Oh, Happy happy birthday Georgiann!!! You look beautiful in your green wrap!! Isn't it a treat to go out and have grown-up food!! And you can have a day-after birthday lunch too!!! Have fun at the fair!! I hope the colds don't spread to everyone!!

  2. Happy Birthday Georgiann!
    Italian food is my absolute favourite. Especially pasta with rich creamy sauces and gelato!

  3. Happy Birthday! I haven't been online much lately... glad to see you've been well!

  4. Happy (late) birthday dear cyber friend!! Glad you had such a wonderful day!! :-) Been thinking about you and thought I'd pop in. Computer time isn't in abundance lately! So much going on. But you know how it is. :-) Love, Kris


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