Monday, November 15, 2010

Getting Back Into The Rhythm

This is my night table in desperate need of a cleaning off!
It has the essentials: a cup of hot herbal tea, a phone, lots and lots of books
and a cute lamp to set the mood and to read by!

The rhythm of our home over the last 2 weeks has been off due to the stomach bug. This bug has slowly inched its way through every member of my family and if you are new to my blog, that is 8 people!
When Jackie (my 5yr old daughter) was sick (Halloween weekend) she was down for 2 days. My poor sweet girl wanted her momma right by her side. So I too, spent most of 2 days snuggled with my girl watching movies up in my room. We still co-sleep so her bed is my bed, but that is yet another post for a different day.
Franklin and The Green Knight,Mary Poppins,The Sound Of Music and Shrek were just a few movie we watched. She slept most of the time or at least tryed too. Her stomach was really hurting! :(

It seems when there are sickies in the house there is always MORE to do but less time to do it! Everything get thrown off, especially if you have a bunch of Little's.
 Its very easy to fall desperately behind,
OR what just feels as though it is!
And even more so, if YOU get struck down by the BUG too, and I don't mean the LOVE BUG!

When sickies are in our house I:

Stand as watchman and servant to my dear
sick children and hubby!
I still have to be mom and cook to the others in the family!

Then there is....

Clean the bathrooms about 3x a day or more.
(after all the messes)
Wipe down door knobs and such.
As the laundry mountain gets higher,
  I do my best to plug along with it.
I like to wash the bedding of the sick plus there are always towels,
then ALL the regular loads of clothes and such.
I keep telling hubby we need another washer/dryer
set so we could have two!

The up side of down is....that I love the smell of clean laundry and there is ALWAYS plenty of it here at my house!

I was sick on Veterans Day.....I could not even move. The only symptoms I had was a mild headache and the chills with low grade fever. My little Jackie made me toast and filled the hot water bottle up for me! She is such a sweetie!

We ALL seem to be better now and its cleaning day!
It will feel good to get back into the rhythm of our home.

So for today:

I will do my best to use my time wisely so that I may get the house back in order!
Remember to snuggle my kiddos and read them some stories and from the chapter book we are reading.
Take time to sit and be with GOD and my cup of hot tea!`

Peace, Love and Joy,


The day before I got sick.... I lost my camera!
I thought it was gone for good!
I was going though major withdraws, in a BIG way!
I missed some really cute pictures!
I FOUND my camera last night under the love seat!

I did some catching up with taking some photos last night and the camera is up on my night table.
I wanted to post some of them this morning but since we co-sleep
(four of my kiddos are in my room sleeping) I don't want to risk waking them up!
So I will share them tomorrow!

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