Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My knitting project and what I'm reading~

Ok...I am a brand new knitter!

No I mean it!
I just learned how to knit a week ago.
I only had a 15 minute lesson with a live person and watched a few YOU TUBE videos!
The library books I checked out were useless for a girl who knew not what she was doing.
I still don't know what I'm doing....I started out with medium size sticks and yarn that was pretty but hard to tell if I have all the yarn when I pulled my stitches through. So I bought JUMBO sticks and different yarn ...similar in color to my first yarn but easier to work with.
I "was" making a scarf but since I casted on so many stitches with BIG sticks and BIG waves back and forth like a piece of knitted ribbon Christmas candy. Not to practical....who ever heard of such a thing? Maybe it gets kept in a special box of "this is the first thing I ever knitted"?
I know my neck is kind of fat but don't think it would be to flattering to have a scarf that was 2 feet wide and 10 balls of yarn long. Now that just my opinion! lol {plus can you imagine the cost? It was $8.50 for one thing of yarn!
My knitting project will more than likely be a small baby doll blanket.
I still do not know how to cast off?......where is that nice lady from church when you need her?lol

You can go to Ginny's blog small things to link up and show off what you have been reading and knitting.

Happy Knitting and Reading!

Peace and Love,


  1. I am new to knitting also. I got inspired by all of Ginny's readers. I take lessons from a local yarn shop and I you-tube everything else. There are great tutorials about binding off on you-tube. I practice every minute I get. I am sure you will love your first project...because YOU DID IT!! I can't imagine learning from anyone but a LIVE I give you HUGE props for getting this far...BRAVO...BRAVO!!

  2. It took me SOoooo long to 'get' it but I'm glad I stuck to it and now knitting is such a calming activity that I can pick up and set down whenever! Your going to love it, and your yarn selection is very pretty!

  3. Georgiann, Thanks for stopping by. I have never knitted but maybe someday I will try it just looks really hard to me. Maybe iwill try this winter. I think you may have sparked something in me.

  4. Thanks for playing along Georgiann! Here is a book that helped me when I was first learning to knit:

  5. Practice, practice, practice ~ as in all things get better with time. I've re-learned knitting about a month ago, and practice when I can. You'll become more comfortable with it soon, and you won't have to think about the stitches as much. Hopefully it brings you some quiet time and time to breath, as it did me.

    P.S. I haven't posted to Yarn Along but will probably do so next week. Cheers~

  6. Be like Dorie: Just keep swimming, just keep swimming! (knitting) You tube is so wonderful for learning to knit! You can do it and before long you will be able to knit whatever you want. I love your yarn choice and the lucky baby doll will love it too! :)

  7. Hi :) Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a lovely comment on my yarn along post :) I have to agree with the others that practice will make it better. I haven't been knitting that long either but I can see so much improvement everytime I try something new. I love your little bit up there about putting your scarf in a special box for the first thing you've ever knit *grin*. So cute :) Have a wonderful week!

  8. You can definitely do this! Just be patient with yourself. When I first started knitting, I just practiced the knit stitch, back and forth. It was nothing but practice. Then, I took a class, and that helped me learn a lot and gain confidence ... I have heard good things about the book Ginny recommended. Another good resource is Great tutorial videos! Hang in there =)


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