Monday, November 1, 2010

Pizza and Candy....oh my~

Just because WE do not trick-or-treat does not mean we don't hand out candy or eat a boat load!
We only had about 8 kids come around trick-or-treating.
Many of you know....we do not go trick or treating any more {its been 3yrs}
We now stay in and make homemade pizzas and eat loads of candy {I buy}.
We watch movies and spend time together as a large family of 8!
My older kiddos are also welcome to have friends costumes!
My hubby also buys some dry ice for the older boys to have fun with!
Jackie had been waiting all week for our "special" night home!
She had been counting down the days on her calender.....then as we got out of the van at the store to get a few groceries.......
Jackie barfed,barfed.....then barfed some more on the ground outside the van!
At least she waited until we got out of the car!
I took her in the store and cleaned her up.....and hurried through the store to get my shopping done!
I know....bad momma! :(
(she was feeling better after she got sick)
My poor girl seemed fine for a few hours and then got sick again....and again ALL night long!
She did not get any pizza or candy last night.
She spend the evening in quarantine up in my room watching her Tinkerbell movie.
We did save her a bunch of candy!

Nick with his cup of dry ice!

What is your favorite candy?
I love Reese's and Almond Joy!
Noah making his pizza!

I pray everyone had a safe night last night!

Today {Nov.1} is All Saints day....a day to remember the Saints and those whom have died!

Well.....after a long sleepless night with my sickie, I will head over to the coffee pot for a second cup, then go check on her.
(most days I drink Chai tea with milk.....
I was using soy Silk but switched to cow milk a few weeks ago after
 reading the ill affects of SOY on fertility.)

I have my usual Monday chores....mountains of laundry, sinks full of dishes.
But its all worth it......I also get to read stories,play dollies and home school my kiddos!

Have a wonderful day~
{we have a storm brewing here...the wind is really kickin' up!}

I think we will have chile{in the crockpot} for dinner tonight!

Peace,Love and Joy,

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  1. Georgiann,

    We don't take our girls trick-or-treating either! They have a party at our church each year the Wednesday before Oct. 31st and they enjoy that instead.

    We also hand out candy and this year the big girl and the baby girl did it all themselves (with us safely behind them). They had such fun seeing the other costumes and being generous.


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