Tuesday, November 23, 2010


From my kitchen the smell of coffee moves through house and up the stairs.
It gently taps my nose to wake me up.
Soon it will be time for momma to start cookin' bacon and eggs.
Hubby and ALL the kiddos are gearing up to play in the snow and ride the snow mobiles!
There is NO work or school today.

Out my back window......
the scene is peaceful and serene.
A few birds have come by to get a meal of seeds we threw out in the hanging baskets.
The roads here are shut down......and more of the white stuff is predicted over the next few days!
It is 16 degrees here! BURR.

Our wonderful Thanksgiving plans have sadly had to change due to the weather!
We have already eaten our turkey and are finishing up the left overs:(
We were going to travel up north to Canada and visit my uncle and cousins.
It is even colder up north,4 degrees and the roads are icy.
Not safe driving conditions:)
 I'm not sure if we will have yet another BIG turkey for Thanksgiving!

Hummm? Maybe a ham and box of Stoufers mac and cheese?
I can use a little comport foods about now! sigh**

Peace and Joy,

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  1. Yep, chilly cold even in the house!! So very, very pretty though and yes we too have puddles in the house and mittens, hats and scarfs cascading from every surface!! I am so glad Thanksgiving is just our own family this year - first time in 22 years we've not entertained. Since it is hard to clean house with snow covered boots coming in every few minutes and the laundry piling up with wet clothes faster than I can do it - it's a blessing to know we can just relax and enjoy our feast in the midst of snow gear :0)!!! My hubs and two oldest boys are driving to their jobs and home and I've been praying for safety - lots!!!! So far so good!!! Hope your holiday is wonderful even though your plans have had to change!!



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