Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It holds 8 kids, 4 hound dogs and a piggy we stole from the shed.....

If you guessed my California king sized bed you'd be right!

The other morning after my morning tea, checking my favorite blogs....and then posting, it was time to go wake up Nick for school {I don't home school all my kiddos, just my youngest 3}.
Upon arriving upstairs to my room where most nights, 4 of my 6 kiddos sleep. I found our dog Jasper had gone up stairs {he is not allowed up there or on the furniture I might add!}to wait for his sheep to wake!

The 2 youngest (girls) sleep in our bed.
 You can only see Jackie, Olivia is up by the headboard!
Nick and Noah like to sleep next to the bed!
They do all have their own beds if they chose to sleep there. Its their choice!
Of course to my surprise.....there was Jasper perched on the bed!

From the looks of this picture....I need to clean under my bed!
That is yet another post....or maybe not!? lol
I'm likely to find rotten apple cores, banana peels and my long lost shoe under there! :)

Do you know whats under your bed?

Peace Love and Joy,


  1. That is awesome! Our bed is much too little and way too high up. It's a Queen. I have always wanted a HUGE bed so all my kids can snuggle with us, but we are military, so we never know how big the next bedroom is going to be.

  2. Georgiann,
    We just have our little guy in our King size bed but more often than not we have at least one of our Dachshunds and our kitty Indiana Jones in bed too. I'm always amazed that DH lets the animals in bed--but they help keep him warm so he's fine with it most of the time. I wish our bedroom was big enough for our other (big) little boys to sleep in the same room since they always "here something" until they fall asleep. :-)

    Our box springs is right on the floor and we occasionally have a field mouse "under" the bed that likes to keep us awake at night!! But soon we're getting a new bed and hopefully we will have a frame to keep it off the floor. Then we can store all of our treasures under the bed--missing shoes, used kleenex, and yes, apple cores and banana peels too!! Ha Ha!!


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