Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Misty Autumn Morning

Warm pumpkin pancakes
on a cold autumn morning
 are a favorite here at the
 Bluebird Cottage~

I do love these fall mornings....but when the sun peaks though, I am reminded that I need to finish pulling weeds and getting the garden bed ready for spring.
There are only a few more weeks of sun here where we I live.....or so it will feel like
when the rains come none stop!

Jackie is feeling better today...thanks for all your prayers!

Peace, Love and Joy,


  1. Georgiann,
    I just love fall!! It's finally cooled off around here after the best Indian Summer ever!! Not quite ready for winter yet but I guess I'll have to muster up the readiness when the time comes.

    Love the pictures!! I'm assuming that Jackie is feeling better. Hopefully it wasn't a virus and nobody else gets it!! :-)


  2. We are also having morning mists but that is the dew rising as the warm spring air comes along - a sure sign it is going to be a beautiful warm day. All my spring seedlings are in and starting to grow - we've had lots of rain too. I love autumn and I also love spring here - I savour it as I know the scorching, unbearable days of summer are coming. The snakes are already out and about and I think it could be a humid summer.
    Pumpkin pancakes sound delicious!


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