Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sick again....

My little Jackie missed our Pizza and Candy night on Oct.31.
She was quarantined upstairs in my room with there Tinkerbell Fairy Movie.
My little princess was so sad! Momma and Daddy were sad for her!

We thought our baby girl was better, but after a day full of eating soup then playing in the backyard with all the other kids, my Jackie got sick again.

Last night when it came time for me to go pick up Noah from Cub Scouts
 {I usually stay for scouts but all the other kids were not home to watch the girls and I had dinner to make}
Jackie announced just as we are getting into the truck...."my stomach hurts, I think I will be sick" ;(
I gave her a blanket for her lap, just in case she was to get sick.
We picked up Noah{I couldn't just leave him there at Scouts} and made it home when her whole days food came flying out onto the front lawn! EEEKKKK
Well most of it.....the rest came about an hour later.
My poor baby was crying and doubled over.

Don't let Jasper out!

So the HAPPY GIRL in the above photo has gone away for now;(
We will be taking it slow stop in at my comment box and say hi!

Please keep her in your prayers if you would?

Peace and Love,

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  1. Oh poor little thing!! It's no fun to be sick for any length of time. Praying!


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