Tuesday, November 30, 2010

::The Ice Princess and Her Body Guards::

Last weekend I took Jackie,Noah and our neighbor Adam ice skating.
 Little Jackie was real a speed skater, she just flew around the rink like a real pro.
Noah and Adam did their best to keep up!
Truly a fun time....great watching.
Since I did not feel like braking my hip....I chose NOT to dawn a pair of ice skates.
But I was foolish enough to put on a pair of roller skates a few days later! :)
And I did need a bandage for my thumb after bowling the Saturday before!
Those bowling balls are rough on the hands. The kids and I had an awesome time during our snowy Thanksgiving week together. I will share more pictures over the week to come!

This is Jackie....and her first time ice skating!
Look at her go!

This clip has Jackie and Noah going around the rink!
What a fun night we had!

Peace and Joy,

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  1. She is so cute. Way to go.
    By the way, I have 5 siblings myself so it's great to see a big close family. They will always have each other when they're all grown up ;)


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