Sunday, August 7, 2011

{S is for spa}

A few weeks ago my friend Sue invited me (and her other friend Cheryl) to a womens night out that her local Chevy dealer was hosting. Free Mexican food and lots of vender's like Mary Kay, Scentsy, jewlery,purses and more. If you test drove a car you also got a FREE $40.00 spa finders gist card.
The dealership also taught us how to change a tire,check our car fluids etc...
So the 3 of us gals decided we would go redeem our cars together.
I got a pedicure, Sue a massage and Cheryl a facial!

R if for RELAX!

When we arrived at the day spa we were welcomed and lead to the RELAX room and offered tea or water.
  From the start we all felt pampered!
We all sat quietly filling out our paperwork sipping our herbal tea as soft flute music floated around the room. 
We all soaked up the atmosphere and listened to the fountain gently flow with water.
We were all on cloud 9! This day spa spared no detail!

After a few minutes in the RELAX room we were all lead back to our separate rooms for our spa treatments!

I was lead to a room with 2 elevated throne like chairs. I felt like a queen!
My pedicurist said she was going to be a grandma again any time now.
She was on standby for a call to go watch the 2 year old while her son and his wife have the baby!
After a few minutes of chit chat I had to shut it down.
I have gone enough times for massages and other spa treatments to know that is not relaxing to talk to whole time. I am not rich (well I am but not with money) sigh** so I want to sit quietly during my spa experience and get my monies worth.

As a momma of 6 kiddos I was enjoying the quiet.
I took deep breaths of the scented steam that waifed up from my medal foot soak pan.
I listened as the flute music reminded me of the times I was in labor
(I listen to that same kind while I labor)
I was sad for a few moments as this month I was to be in labor with Christian.....I was due Aug 28!
I quickly moved my thoughts to happier things.......and soaked up every ounce of pampering touch
I was experiencing.

For right now I will LIVE IN THIS MOMENT I told myself!
I  became totally relaxed!

After our evening at the SPA we went over to Sues house for chocolate martinis and food!

I will post more on that part of our girls night soon!
Peace and Love,

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