Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Walk In The Park

After watching our oldest son Jarett play baseball last Sunday we decided to take a family walk!
Well minus Jarett....he rode home with a friend after a long day of 2 games.

This beautiful park is just a few miles from our has a bike/walking trail, ponds, ball field of all sorts and a play ground at both ends of the long trail. So we walk 1/2 way around the loop, then stop and play for a while before finishing the loop. The whole loop is 2miles I think??? or so it seem to me!!!! lol
I'm so out of shape!

The lush green canopy of the trees provided the much need shade on our finally HOT summer days!
These bright red berries beckoned to be noticed against the differing shades of green.

I was tickled to get such an awesome photo of these lilies with my zoom lens!
I was actually pretty far away! :)

My kids were thrilled to find a nickel tucked in this squirrel hole.

We had a wonderful day together.
Just a simple inexpensive walk was full of loving memories for us all.
Being together spending quality just precious to me!
My day could not have been any better! sigh***

Peace and love for a terrific day!

Georgiann :)


  1. Great pictures!! You have a lot of cool resources close at hand for your family. What a blessing! I can't believe how your children are growing up so quickly!!

    Are you still doing the blood testing? Let us know what that turns up. Praying for you!!


  2. Hi Kris,

    Yes,I am still doing my blood work. I have 3 more draws left! I will post something on all that after I here back from my docter as to what the finding are and my next step.

    I pray all is well with you!

    Peace and Joy,


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