Monday, August 8, 2011

{C is for cake} and remembering the simple life!

Everyone payed their dollar then stepped on a number. The music started and the participants walked in a counter clockwise motion around the circle. Olivia was as cute as a button.  She gracefully strolled around with her cupcake purse draped on her arm, carefully stepping on the numbered squares. 
The music abruptly stops and a number is drawn. The gal yells 13!!!
Little Miss Olivia does not even know she is a winner of the church cakewalk.  Once she is told,
 she became so excited to pick a cake from a large selection of delectable sweets, her eyes sparkled with such innocent happiness. As a mom I wanted to savor the moment forever. sigh****


Olivia picked the homemade strawberry cake with carrier!

This homemade cake was moist!
It made a tasty Sunday dessert and was chased down with a spot of tea.


Its funny how a simple cakewalk game and homemade cake can carry me back in time, to the loving innocent  memories of the of my childhood.
The gift of simple purposeful living is something that I want to pass onto my children. In this modern society we live it it can seem an uphill battle.
We live in an era where going out to eat and store bought cakes seem the norm.
Anything less than that, is viewed as a punishment or that you are "poor" and can't afford.

Lately I have felt out of touch with my living simple ways I have come to love. I think because we did not grow a big garden this year it has really changed many other ways we once lived our life.

I miss the smell of the dirt and planting seeds. I miss strolling through the tall sunflowers in my bare feet and letting the garden tell me what was for dinner.

I miss the sound of my juicer going none stop!
I miss reading through my vegetarian cookbooks for ideas on how to use up my harvest!
I did not make any jam this year :( Thankfully I have some left from last year!!
I did not put up any veggies this year. No homemade tomato soup! Nothing...Nada!
Zero, Zilch!

Not having a garden has had a negative impact on the natural ways I once lived simply.
The rhythm of my day and how I live daily was very much changed by not having a garden!
It has changed how I eat and shop for my family. 

After some talk with hubs we decided to join our local CSA farm for the remainder of the summer and early fall.

My pick-up at the farm starts next weekend and I can't wait!
I have been yearning for that connection with the earth that fresh garden veggies bring.
I can't wait to experience eating new veggies and create new recipes for my family.

Have you strayed from the simple life you really desire?
What steps to you do daily to help you live simply with purpose?

Peace and joy for a wonderful day!



  1. Oh, your pictures of your daughter in the cake walk are precious! They brought back memories of when I'd go with a childhood friend to her church bazaar and we'd join in the cake walk. :)

    We also didn't get much of a garden in this year. I fell in June and tore the hamstrings in my right leg and the garden just didn't get planted. I did plant a few pepper plants and tomato plants before the fall and we'll get some peppers and tomatoes in about a month, but no green beans, broccoli, etc. this year.

    As a result we've eaten mostly frozen and canned veggies this summer - very different from most summers. Also, because of the fall we fell back into relying on take-out or frozen dinners more. :(

    I'm just now getting us back to home-cooked meals from scratch and I feel so much better about our meals.

    For those familiar with the broken window theory I've come to realize that our "broken window" is frozen prepared meals. Once they come into our household the homecooked meals slow down and over time nearly disapper.

  2. Hi Kari,
    Thanks for stoppin by, its always nice to hear from you!
    Its funny how some times lifes events can bump you off the track of eating and living a simple life that once came to naturally. I hope your hamstrings are healing up ok!

    Peace and Love,


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