Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Plantin' Time~

This is out the planting bed!

Noah was out and about the yard taking pictures!
This is me planting!
The black buckets in the picture are for my potatoes.
Last year my back bed was home to my root crop, this year it will house my Brassicas.
I still need to clear out my other raised bed to plant my onions and lettuces.
Hubby still needs to build my berry bed so I can transplant some of my berry bushes and plants!
My main bed will be home to flowers,beans,peas, and my root crops.
I won't be planting that crop for about another 4 weeks. (Mid April)
In large patio containers I will plant tomatoes,peppers,herbs and potatoes!
I will buy my pepper and tomato starts in May sometime!

Well the weather has been just delightful today! Warm and sunny at the same time! 70
Perfect time to put on the gardening gloves and clean out the raised beds along the back fence.

Yesterday I decided to get some cool weather plant starts ie:

Broccoli 27 plants

Cauliflower 27 plants

Cabbages 2 kinds (9 of each Purple and Green)

Chinese Bok Choy 2 plants

Kohlrabi 9 plants
Swiss Chard 9 plants

Garlic 6 plants

Red Onions 9 plants

White Sweet Onion 9 plants

Romaine Lettuce 15 plants

Red Lettuce 9 plants

Hood Strawberry 1 plant

Tristar Strawberry 1 plant

Hecker Strawberry 6 plants

Hubby still needs to till up our main garden spot and build my berry bed. He has has about 4 weeks until it will be warm enough to plant the kinds of crops that will go there.
Last year we ran out of time to build the berry bed, so I just had to put my berries (strawberries,red currants and blueberries) in other places.

I also have 2 new fruit trees that need planted!

1 Peach Tree

1 Graphed Cherry Tree (4 kinds on one tree)

Sometime at the end of April/Beginning of May, I will plant my beans,peas,flowers,herbs starts
(I will start at home with the kids next week).
My root crops and squash I will plant the directly in the ground from seed.
When planting my root crop, I will shake seeds down every 2 weeks starting in Mid April until June for a continued crop all season.

I'm not sure I will plant any corn this year?

I did not yield very much for the space it took up in the garden.

Well....I think its time to make some afternoon tea, sit out back and watch the kids play with the chickens!

Peace and Blessings,


  1. Wow! It's hard for me to imagine that people are planting already here in the US. :)

    We'll start in another month with cold tolerant plants and around Memorial Day weekend with the rest.

    Happy Gardening~


  2. I think if I planted anything now it would freeze! Sometimes it drops down to 20 at night. If I were a plant I would not be pleased. How do you know when it's warm enough to start planting things?

  3. Hi Mirage,
    The weather here has been very warm lately......the cold weather crops should do fine. Most years one might not start these crops for another month say maybe Mid April? But the crops I planted like cold weather.....not freezing......but if need be I can cover them from time to time if the weather guy says it might freeze. Yesterday it was 70 degrees! This week it will be 50-60 and rainy!
    This summer I plan to build a cold frame so I can plant more broccolli and cauliflower next winter!



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