Wednesday, March 17, 2010

March Balance Update~

Over at the blog tittled "which name" I am participating in "a step toward balance".
Go over and read what others are doing or decide to join in!

Make this your best year month,one step at a time!

Read here to see what other things I have done since January to find balance.

For March my goal is to keep out of the grocery store and use the food I have in my freezers and on my Costso shelves. Make meals from what I have.

So here is the update for week 2~

  • Walmart $40.00 (cheese sticks and frozen food like potpies, tater tots and fish sticks)
  • Safeway $105.96 (fresh fruits and veggies)

So a total of $145.96 for week 2.

A great improvement from my first week!

Peace and Love In Christ,


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