Monday, March 22, 2010

Growing Lettuce In The Kitchen!

Select Seeds...I used pre-seeded stripes!

It was easy for the kids get even coverage~

You will need a clear plastic shoe box bin.

Add 3 inches of starter soil mix in bottom.

Add rows of seed stripes to cover soil.

Cover seed stripes with about 1/4 inch of starter mix

Dampen soil but not soak.

Place lid on plastic box but do not needs air. (or use plastic wrap if the lid is lost)

Place in a sunny window or in my case place on my pot rack...I have grow lights in 2 of my kitchen can lights. $3.00 each at Walmart!

These are the pre-seeded paper stripes~

Cover with 1/4 starter mix~

Its been about a week since the kids and I started our salad tray. The seeds are starting to sprout! We only used about 7 feet of we have about 8 feet left for next time...
Our salad tray will be some what like grass...we will keep trimming off what we need and more will grow!
The kids and I also started some basil about a month ago and its doing really well!
When I decided to get a pot rack I wanted to make my own. I also knew I wanted to grow lettuce and herbs on it. So I went on a hunt to all the local Antique stores and found a medal bread tray used on an old delivery truck. I'm not sure how old it is put nowadays bread delivery guys or gals use plastic trays! With some chain and hooks from Home Depot and a crafty husband......I now have a one of a kind really cool pot/growing rack!
I hope you have been inspired to grow some herbs or lettuce in your kitchen window or pot rack!
Indoor plants are good air filters and are awesome at improving the quality of the indoor air we breath! So why not plant things you can also eat!? If you are like me and forget to water my indoor house plants.....growing food indoors might just be the motivation you need to look after and remember to water your plants! If your kids are like mine they will help you remember to check on and water the plants as needed! My kiddos want to check on "their" seedilings almost daily!
Do any of you plant things in doors?
Leave me a comment and share.....I'd love to hear from you!
Peace and Blessings,

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  1. I love your idea of replacing some of your kitchen light bulbs with grow lights! We have fluorescent lights in our kitchen and I never thought of mixing in some grow light bulbs.


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