Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Confessions Of A Embarrassed Housewife~

OK here goes......

I have a hard time staying on track or budget when it comes to the grocery store!
My goal this month was to stop hordeing  start empting the freezers of all the stuff I managed to stuff in there!
For instance the 2 large turkeys I got on sale at Thanksgiving......the Ham and Prime Rib that was on sale at Christmas. I wanted to use up all the 1/2 bags of nuts and  frozen veggies I stored up for the winter.....kind of like a squirrel~LOL

Am I the only one out there that does that?

I was striveing to eat up all the food from my freezers. Like the lone burrito and hot pocket that made its way to the back of the cooler making way for the Costco lot~
At my house the last few snack foods get striped of there box and tucked into the nooks and crannies. I vow not to forget them but some how months pass and well you know......

Now for my confession. I only made it 6 days into my goal and then blew it BIG time!

I did not feel the need to go to the store but, was needing a few ingredients to make Cheesey Chicken Enchilladas Verde and all the trimmings of a Mexican style dinner, for 2 families, I told I would bring dinner this week.
One of my church friends just had her 7th baby and another friend (from MOPS) was grieving a miscarrage and I wanted to honor both by bringing them dinner.

So on Sunday March 7, 2010 I set out for Winco (I rearly shop there because you must bag your own stuff.)
My hubby says, Winco has the best prices and prefers I shop there! I prayed as I entered the store....knowing I would have to report back if I blew it......and even that was not enough to keep me from blowing it BIG time!

Did I tell you that I'm a book hound? and that Winco has a really sweet Christian book rack?
Did I tell you that they have a really large bulk food area.....with whole grains and herbs?
Did I tell you that they have herb seed packets I never saw any place else? And they even had the starter mix I was needing to start my lettuce up on my pot rack in my kitchen?

Here is the break down (pun intended)

Winco Total   $274.15

Of that I only needed to spend  $49.06 on the things needed for the dinners I planed to make.
Money I spent on non-food wants was $56.60.
That leaves $168.49 spent on food that I will eat but did not need right now.

It gets worse.....I forgot to buy kitchen trash bags and I wanted to use up some nuts and unsweetened coconut....I planned to make some magic bars....but I needed some sweetened condenced milk, so off I went to Safeway! I ended up spending a total of  $39.57 at Safeway.

Yesterday since I was already across town to take dinner to my church friend, I decided to stop in at Costco! The plan was to get some more of my Organic Vanilla Soy Silk,a large jug of salsa and some lunch at the snack bar for the kiddos.

I ended up spending $91.37 at Costco.
Of which $43.96 was on non-food want items.
$15.80 was spent on food I needed and some jugs of milk.
So that leaves $31.61 spent on food we will eat but did not need!

I do just fine if I don't set foot in the store. I'm always temped by the non-food wants the grocery stores carry.
Though it seems I blew my goal BIG time I will still give my no shopping for food goal a go!

It is only March 9 and I have enough food to last me for quit a while.....I will use what I have.
I will not give up just because I blew it.

It did feel good to use up all the 1/2 bags of this and that in the first week...before I went on my willy nilly spending spree!

Well, keep me in your prayers as I continue on my journey this month!
I will dig in my freezer to see if I have a cornbeef for St. Patrick's Day coming up.
I know I have cabbage.......Well have a fun filled day and remember to never give up......there is always hope, with the Lords help!

Peace and Love,


  1. Georgiann,
    I just had to giggle cause you sound exactly like me!!! If I can keep myself out of the stores, I do great!! So, just pick yourself up and dust off the spending spree debris. You have a goal and a plan. Praying for your strength!! ;-)


  2. This is quite a lovely post. I love honesty, and by golly, I can share similar stories. I cannot go to the store and just get a gallon of milk; like how hard can that be, lol. =)
    Thanks for sharing,

  3. I struggle with the same thing. I'm soon changing to a cash envelope system.


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