Thursday, March 25, 2010

Second Wind~

This is Jackie one of my garden buddies!
She was such a sweetie and cleaned up the mess after we both planted the side garden!
She said, "I will take this to the recycle!" :) I love my girl!

After a 70 degree day yesterday and a 65 degree day the day before, I got busy and planted my
cold weather crops! I was just going to clean and plant my back bed.....but after watching the evening news the weather man said cool and rainy for the next week!
Since it was still fairly warm at 6:00 pm, I decided to clean and plant my side bed. With the help of Jackie,(my almost 5yr old daughter)together we planted my lettuce, onions, garlic and my 2 bok choy plants that I ran out of room for in my Cabbage bed!
Jackie said to me last night:
"Momma, we had the best garden last summer, I can't wait til summer!"
We ate from our garden almost every night!
The kids made forts and even homeschooled out there under the cosmos!
Peace and Happy Planting (when the weather is right for where you live)

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