Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Few Of My Garden Helpers!

I have many pictures of my family helping me with our Rambling Garden!

The girls are my biggest helpers when it comes to the garden. The boys help most with the animals. Feeding them and gathering eggs several times a day!

All the produce is getting big.....well most of it! (My corn has stopped growing)

I hope to put a slide show together soon but life here with 6 kiddos is very busy!

These pictures were taken about 4 weeks ago....all my plants have grown so much bigger since then!
My chamomile is now in full bloom.In the bottom picture in front of the bricks you can see it just sprouting up. We are now harvesting the flowers every other day you can see in yesterdays post!

If you stop by my blog come say Hi! I love to "meet" new friends!



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