Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Bridal Shower~

Once upon a time a man asked a girl to marry him and she said "Yes"!
That girl was my sister and she would need a bridal shower!
Who would give the shower?
Who could love her more?.....OK lots of people really love her and we ALL wanted to give the bridal shower but Maryanne and I got dibs on the delightful task!

There were loads of flowers......lots of food and a yummy cake! But no party is complete without love and good friends to help celebrate the bride to be! We had it all......thanks to the Lord!

You are welcome to join us......

Grab a cold drink.......

Eat a few appetizers............and play a couple of party games and hope to win a prize!

Enjoy a crisp Caesar salad and wait for the main course!

Handmade chicken cordon blu topped with hollindaise sauce,rice pilaf and asparagus

Dining with family and friends in honor of the bride and best sister a I could ask for!

We love you Beth!

Then it was time for cake and the opening of the gifts!

There was lots of talking and catching up with old friends we had not seen in a while!

Our mom was there from out of state and a old childhood neighbor girl and her mom from a few towns over. My mom loved visiting with her old friend!

My sister enjoyed visiting with her good friends.....some of which are in the wedding party!

Maryanne made candy bar favors with special wrappers and cookies on a stick for the girls!
Fun was had by all.....then it was time for the clean up!


The 2 flower girls had fun playing with sidewalk chalk! Jackie loved being a part of the "girls" party!


    What a lovely thing to do for your sister and such lovely photos! If I ever give a shower again..and the weather is nice.. I am copying right after you! You won't mind..I'm sure! :) Awesome, girl!

  2. Oh! It all looks so beautiful! Well done!
    Blessings to your sister!


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