Friday, July 10, 2009

Finding Charm In The Clutter

Last night while I was washing a load of dinner dishes and looking around my kitchen I thought to myself......
where is my camera?
I want to capture the charm of my cluttered counter!
There was a certain rustic beauty I saw in the eclectic mix of stuff that had accumulated on my kitchen counters!
How can a cluttered counter be charming you may ask?
Well I suppose the beauty that one sees is in the eyes of the beholder!
Yesterday I had spent the morning harvesting herbs to dry. I had some extra stems of sage and basil that had started to flower so I decided to put them in a mason jar.(I have stacks of jars I use for everything) Later in the day Jackie came in and gave in some daisies that I added to my jar of herb stems!
Also on the counter I have my chamomile drying on a saucer....we add more flowers to the plate each day!
My counter also holds bottles of my favorite lotions and my lipstick, well whats left of it after the girls got into it!
Kitchen counters reveal a lot about a person and the life they live!
As I snapped the picture of my charming counter I thought that was all I was capturing on film......but when I went to put the picture on my blog I realized my camera caught more than I saw though my camera lens last night!
My kiddos were outside on the sports court riding their scooters!
The beauty and charm of my cluttered counter top framed out my kiddos playing!
Though I did not know they were in my photo when I snapped the picture. I think they were very much a part of what I was feeling as I took the picture with my camera. A feeling that happens at the end of a peaceful loving day filled with family and food and things that interest us. The beautiful clutter is what fills my counters at the end of the day! The scattered remnants of successful day!
I do enjoy a clean and uncluttered house but have learned not to stress about it especially when it comes to the kitchen!
My kitchen is the hub.....the heart of my house!
We eat,pray,talk,read the bible,work,cook,bake,play games,paint,create and make memories there! Its the busiest part of the house!
I live a very relaxed and easy going life.....I have learned to find charm in the clutter when it comes to the kitchen counters!
Mason jars of flowers from the yard bring a simple rustic charm to a cluttered counter nothing else can match!
Have a great weekend and
remember to find the charm amongst the clutter in your day!

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  1. I LOVE this post, Georgiann! Just "charming"! Thanks for the reminder that this clutter is "the scattered remnants of a successful day".


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