Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Alleluia Day!

I wanted to share this picture with you all....I call it my Alleluia picture!

Let me set the scene......

Earlier on this beautiful Saturday hubby,the kiddos and I spent relaxing, swimming in our pool and cooking burgers. Having a simple day together!
We then headed off to the 5pm Folk Mass at church all together in the same car! (that is rare) We usually drive separate each taking some of the kiddos.
I love the Folk Mass.....
Hearing the flute and acoustic guitar always makes me smile. I love to sing (even though its off key). The band was off key too but I loved every bit of it! My soul swelled with overwhelming Joy! The music played and we all sang from our hearts! I love being at church praising the Lord for my family with my family!
After Mass we headed to Winco to buy ice-cream sundae makings to fix and eat back at the house. It was fun to browse the isles with all the family in tow! The boys love baggin the groceries up!

We then made a big loop over to the library to turn in several movies that were due back!
The evening was spent together.....all getting along! Yes!
The mini van was filled with love and people joking around, laughing having a great time.
As we were pulling out of the parking lot of the library, I looked up and saw the sun fixin to set!
Another Awesome day was about to come to a glorious close!
The sun was shining through the clouds!
I felt God there with was Powerful!
WOW! I said, that is a Alleluia picture right there!
One quick click of the camera....and hubby drove us all home to make sundaes before the ice cream melted!

God made my day and it was good!


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  1. All sounds great, precious memories,
    Warmest regards, Adriana


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