Thursday, July 30, 2009

Vacation Bible Camp! (VBS)

Jesus Loves All The Little Children!

We have been busy this week with VBS at church! I'm the head of the kitchen and my 2 oldest boys are camp councilors. One for 5/6th grade for his brother Nick's group and one for 2nd grade for his brother Noah's group! The girls are together in the nursery group and get to do much of what the rest of camp does!
We have another VBS to help at/attend next week!
The theme for the next one is Crocodile Dock!
Its a few towns over and we need to get there at 8:45 am eeekkk! We will be very tired by Friday!
I pray all is well with everyone and you all are having a safe summer!


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  1. Several of my kids and myself have helped at various VBS things over the years..always a good special memory, esp. for my kids. I'm glad they did those sorts of things and hope they continue in the future.
    I've been putting up some more posts finally. How are you? I hear the weather out there has been unusually hot..haven't spoken with my Spokane sister though..I read it in the news.


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