Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Under The Tuscan Sun....

....is my all time favorite movie! The movie is full of sunflowers and everything Italian!
I love the symbolism in the movie. The love and freedom portrayed in the story. It runs deep!

I sssooo want to go to Italy one day!

But for now the sunflowers in my yard will have to do!
I love the part in the movie when the lady talks about the ladybugs......

During one of my nightly strolls though my

Rambling Garden I noticed my first sunflower of the season had fully opened. I then noticed a ladybug on the back side!
I've tried to grow sunflowers before but I was unsuccessful until this year!
This was my first year of in depth gardening! I learned a lot and feel over all I was successful at my efforts with veggies and flowers! I have always grown herbs and tomatoes forever though... in containers! This year I had containers, 2 large raised beds and a 30x30 tilled garden bed.

I love sunflowers......the back is just as beautiful as the front! Can you see the ladybug on the back of this sunflower?

Rambling through my garden is like a treasure hunt! The things I find are new everyday and its beauty brings so much JOY to my heart! The garden is always changing. It beckons me to stroll through its paths several times a day. Looking closely to find the hidden treasures within......as God calls me to mother my children and to find and take notice of treasures with in them!

Have a beautiful day!




  1. Hi Georgiann...your sunflowers are gorgeous. They are happiness in a flower. I loved the book Under the Tuscan Sun. The movie was so different I remember not liking it but maybe I should watch it again now that my book memory has faded.

    I'll have to scroll down to see what you have been up to. We've had a lot of events it's hard to know where to catch up on my blog. I'm always in catch-up mode :) Glad to see you are enjoying your garden!

  2. Beautiful!

    My daughter and I planted a ton of sunflowers this year again as well...I just love them. Mine are just starting to open, can't wait to see them in all their glory!

    There is something so theraputic about gardening, and yes watching it bloom just like our children brings so much Joy!

  3. I loved the book and the scenery in the movie was great..acting was great and the ending turned out so well. There were a few scenes I didn't appreciate..typical Hollywood stuff..the book was different than the movie, but I actually had alot of the scenery that you see in the movie in my mind's eye while reading the book first. have you read the book yet? Like you have time! :)
    If you do, you'll enjoy it.


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