Saturday, July 18, 2009

Dog Days Of Summer!

The Rope Swing......
Ah......Life at the Lake House! Boat rides,rope swings,tubbin',swimmin off the dock,lemonade and a bbqs! It doesn't get much better than that! Well ok.....the sunsets and the mountain veiws are pretty AWESOME too!

I'm enjoying hot summer days!
My mom and dad are coming out for a visit in a few days and to attend my little sisters wedding in August! My kiddos have fittings to go to (they are all in the wedding) and I have a bridal shower to cook for and give! I have one week to clean house (with my mom) and get read for the shower @ The Bluebird Cottage aka my home!
We have 2 weeks of VBS coming up!
Later today we have a church picnic to go to!
But for right now I have breakfast to make, a garden to water......oh and coffee to drink!
Have a blessed Sunday!

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