Thursday, July 9, 2009

Nature is...... in the garden! (God is 3 in 1 Father,Spirit,Son!)

Yes! Yes! Yippee! I achieved victory!

I have carrots! Purple carrots at that!

God is good!

How sad it would have been if I did not get any carrots! The many that read my blog (ok the few that read my blog hee hee) may have read about my struggles grow my carrots! I finally found success....learning things along the way!

Every morning and evening when I take my walks through my Rambling Garden I have my camera in hand and take many pictures!

I'm always amazed at the artistic beauty the plants give. They show their expression to the world.....or should I say my yard and ALL who enter!

My heart gets filled with so much JOY!
I love watching my kiddos walk through the Rambling Garden.
Seeing their eyes wide open discovering the daily changes the garden holds......right alongside me!

All the plants are sculpted by God our creator. They are colorful and each uniquely different!
The plants in my garden are not only food for my family to eat.....but nutrition for our bodies!
Food from the earth!

The fruits of our labor! (it does not feel like labor because we enjoy it so much)

Its very liberating to know that we have food growing right in our backyard!

I love peaking into the broccoli and cauliflower.......looking deep into the plant seeing the inter leaves that curl around and hide the secret it holds within!

I love looking at the corn plants.....the red hairs on the developing corn look like fireworks shooting out the side!

The cabbage plants make my heart dance! I love to look at the layers of leaves. I love the curves and the scalloped edges! I love the veins in the leaves and watching the water roll down into the cabbage! It repels the water!

I love the peas and the funny weird look of the flowers and the delicate scrolling threads that hold the plant on the trellis!

I love the inside of the zucchini flower......

The list goes on and on!

Well back to the garden......there is work to do and beauty to see!


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  1. It truly is one of the best feelings on this earth to eat something that came directly from the soil outside our door. Your garden looks like it is doing quite well!


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