Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mom Are You Watching?

It was early in the cool of the morning. Jackie and I were in bare feet and still in our night gowns.
The wild birds were chirping. The robins flying around the yard collecting worms for their young. I was feeding the chickens and ducks and checking for eggs.
I soon would be taking my morning walking through our Rambling Garden to check on the progress there. (it changes all the time) That was when I heard Jackie call out from the swing set in her squeaky little voice.....
"MOM, watch me! Are you watching ME? Look! Are you looking?"
Yes Honey, Mommas watching! I replied.

Jackie could not have been more excited to demonstrate her newly learned skill!
The cool morning breeze sifted though her long blonde hair as she pumped her legs and made the swing go really high!
Look at me! she shouted!
Jackie was so happy to have mastered the art of pumping her legs to swing by herself!
WOW! Terrific! You go girl! I yelled with the same excitement looking over from the Garden!
I held back the urge to tell her to hang on tight and not to go falling off! I did not want to taint the moment with negative energy.
Just living in the moment of a child's sweet delight of mastering a skill!
I'm not perfect,(I know you thought I was hee hee) sometimes I get busy and don't always "watch" or "look" when my kiddos do something.
Do you have a kiddo that wants you to "look" all the time but has not mastered the skills they want you to see so they start over and beg you to keep watching? After watching for 5 minutes and 10 start overs and your a kiddo saying "that did not count, are you still watching?" Do you
keep watching?

Over the years I do my best to "watch" and "look" when my children are learning something new.
Whether is a skateboard stunt,a swimming trick or bike trick....its important to share in their JOY and encourage their efforts.

I have also learned to be involved with my kiddos interest. (even if I don't care much for it).
Like with sports.....we are a sports house. (I don't care much for it) but watch them play and encourage them!
We take a few of the kids to the skateboard parks and watch their stunts!

Our children love and need our encouragement. They want to share their victories with someone!

If they can't share it with their parents they will sadly find someone else!

Watch and encourage the small victories in your child's life
so when they are older they will have the self esteem to accomplish BIG victories in their adult life!
I got to go.....I hear Jackie asking me if I'm watching!?

Peace and Blessings,

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