Friday, March 26, 2010

Balance Update....Week 3 and 4!

If you are just joining me...I am having a personal challenge over the month of see if I can stay out of the grocery store and cook meals with only what I have on hand!
I have done fairly well I think.
There are some things that need to replenished every few weeks. I am feeding a family of 8 and the basics need to be bought each week....but I tend to buy to much!

Well Week 3 was by far my best week!
I only spent $30.00 at Safeway!
I bought:
cheese,tortillas,cereal and some fresh fruit!
Week 4
I spent a total of $98.36
Here is the break down
$56.00 at Safeway
bread,soy milk,almond milk,3 boxes of tea
fresh fruit,5 dozen eggs, tomato sauce
some juice as a treat!
I then spent $42.36 at Safeway
to buy
lettuce,spinach,onions,sunflower seeds for salad,potatoes,large package of ground meat,
cheese and bread!
This past week I managed to get one large ham and some veggies out of my freezer!
We ate ham and baked potatoes
Ham and potato casserole (with mixed veggies and 1/2 bags of hashbrowns I had in the freezer)
Ham and eggs
Navy bean and ham soup
I have also done very well staying away from the non food extras that tempt me!
Peace and Blessings,

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