Sunday, March 14, 2010

Baby Doll~

In our house we believe there can never be to many babies! {including doll babies!}
The other day when I was out at the market {Walmarket}lol  I spotted a brown haired doll.
What really caught my eye was the purple clogs the doll had on. They looked liked Crocs!
Most dolls I find have blonde hair and blue eyes, so I picked up the box (that was riped) and went in search of a price. I was not able to find any more dolls like that one.....I searched the whole toy section!
So without knowing the price I still decided to buy it!
The cost ended up being under $20.00!
A brown haired baby doll for my sweet brown haired daughter!
Blue and Purple are her favorite colors was a perfect fit!
Added bonus feature of the doll...
Hair that smells of vanilla....I'm not sure why? The box did not say anything about it.

Olivia decided to name her dolly "Alley".....she is pictured here trying to give Alley a piggy back ride.
{Olivia loves piggy rides from her she wanted to share that love with her new baby!}
I know it won't be long and the girls will asking to through a baby shower for our new baby!
When it comes to babies real or not we love to celebrate life!

Have a great Sunday~

Peace and Love,

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