Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Signs Of Spring and The Victory Garden!

Well with the cherry blossoms in bloom out here in the great Northwest most of us can taste spring....

Spring for many of us means plantting time.
The smell of freshly dug dirt and the sweet smell of a freshly mowed lawn is only a few short weeks away!

So with gardening on most of our minds..... it couldn't have been a better day to have
ED HUME the famous garden goo-roo from our area speak at our MOPS group on the topic!

It was funny to see all us ladies get so excited to talk with and ask questions to the famous local gardener!
It was heart warming to hear and learn the years of wisdom gently spoken from this sweet old man!

Mister ED HUME brought a car load of his new book
{signed by him}

Lately he has been filming for his TV show

See here for local air times in your area!

Mister Hume told me that he dicovered his love for gardening when he was only 10 years old!
It was during the second world war....when his family grew a Victory Garden!

A child is never to young to be included and involved in a family garden!
My girls love to be out in our can read my post from last!

{Please remember to silience my play list before starting the video!}

Ed Hume was and is such a blessing to many folks...thanks for stopping to talk with us!

Peace and Love,

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  1. Georgiann,
    Thanks for coming by my blog to check up on me! :-) I am feeling much better but I had been really, REALLY sick. Good health is something I've taken for granted lately and what a good reminder to be thankful for the mild annoyances vs. being really sick.

    Anyway, I just got my tomatoes, peppers, and some flowers and herbs seeds started yesterday and have lots more herbs and flowers to start still yet. Our last frost date is the last of April so we're a bit behind you. This has been a long hard winter and I'm not a bit sad to see it go!! I've already been out to the cold muddy garden checking up on my huge (for me) bed of garlic and surveying the mess that we didn't have time to clear out last fall! Whew, do we have our work cut out for us--hopefully this weekend.

    Your picture of the cherry blossoms is a real heart warmer and makes me long for our apple and peach trees to bloom!! I LOVE SPRING!!!

    Blessings to you Dear Friend!!!


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