Thursday, August 25, 2011

A bit of Joy in the mail today!

It was a rough emotional day yesterday with medical test results and thinking of my baby Christian, lost to an early miscarriage back in due date would have been in just 4 days!

When I feel down something always comes along to pull me back up.
It was refreshing to check the mail today and find a package addressed to non other than me! 

It was an apron from Joy over at Artful Homemaking.

I won her blog giveaway last week!

A bit of joy from JOY!

Thank you so much!
The apron is just beautiful!
Your generosity really lifted my spirits!

Here is Olivia my one of my little kitchen helpers wearing the new apron!
We were making pizzas for lunch.....and my mini chef wanted to wear the new kitchen gear!
Excuse the bathing is summer! lol

I hope to post some of the many healthy eats we have been gnashing on since
 joining the CSA farm co-op!

Thanks so much Joy!

The kiddos with shields as they walk up to the sprinkler!
My little summer warriors!

Peace and Blessings,

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