Saturday, August 13, 2011

Saying goodbye to a friend~

I have only seen my oldest son Jarett cry twice. Once when our dog died about a year ago, and then again last week when he read on face book his 17yr old friend/football teammate (LeVond) died in his sleep.

My husband and I comforted our son with a long embrace as he wept in our arms. Our son seems so big, nearly a man at 17.  This event reminded us that even though our son is very independent....he needs us. We are his resting place in this rough and tumble world. This encounter we shared was raw....pure and very specical.

It was reported that:
LeVond said, he did not feel good. He complained of a stomach ache said, he was going to lay down for a bit. He never woke up! A relative found him later that evening after he slept though dinner. He had already passed!  The autopsy showed he had genetic heart disease. Plaque builds up in the arteries at a rapid rate.....he had the heart of a 60 yr old man. No body knew he had this disease :(
(Sports physicals could not detect this sort of was not a defect it was rapid progressive disease.)

The funeral was yesterday. My son has never been to one....he was filled with so many emotions!

Jaretts friend T spent the night so I could take them both up to the school early to pick up their football jerseys. The whole team was going to wear them for the service.  The team ended up setting together a well.... it was moving.... very powerful to see these young men all together.

Before the service.....the boys wanted a hair cut. So off we went!

At the service.......

The entire football team shed a few tears as they gathered around LeVond's open casket in disbelief and had to say there last goodbye.  Its just not supposed to happen is way....having to saying goodbye to a friend that was only 17 years old. Dead just like that in his sleep none the less!
He was a good kid. Well liked and a youth leader in the community.
There was no drugs or alcohol involved. No fast car ride. No really dumb mistake.
Just a quiet sleep he never woke up from due to an unknown heart condition.
This group of boys got a dose if life at this young age.
Most thought they could concur anything.....but quickly realized you can't concur death.
It will come find you when it is your time.
They have learned......for a little while at can't take life for granted.

Be loving kind....embrace those around you!


Many of the team mom's (including myself) helped at the reception held at the high school in the cafeteria for the friend and family.

I made my favorite cheesy hash brown casserole. I will post the recipe soon!
I made a double batch in throw away containers so I would not have to remember to bring anything home.
So smart I know!! :)
Did I tell you that I had to carry the hot flimsy tins in on my very old beloved
( black, seasoned with many years of cooking love) cookie sheet?

Can you tell where this is going?

I forgot my cookie sheet.....I left it there! :(
I pray that someone has it and that I will get it back!
I will keep you posted as to weather I get it back,......not that any of you really care!
Just pretend to!......Thanks :) lol giggle sigh****

Have you ever left a dish or something at a potluck and never got it back?

On another note:::

Yesterday was a FULL day for me.......
Starting out at 5 am......I got up to to make lunch for hubby, my girls thought it was morning!
They thought it would be fun to play with the cat.......I never went back to sleep!
Then it was fix hot breakfast for Jarett and his sleep over friend.
Drive boys to school to get their football jerseys.
Home to start casseroles.
Pick up boys from the school and take in for hair cuts.
Come home to make lunch for kids staying home (only Jarett and I went to the funeral.)
and finish making casseroles.
Attend funeral and then stop by the house on my way to the reception to pick up hot casseroles. 
After the recepetion I head home to
pick up the 3 youngest kids and get Jarett's friend stuff so I could drive T home.
Only to find out......
 that when I was gone to the furneral Olivia held the cat ALL day and it finally pooped on her.....and 6 large blankets!!!!!!  I only had 5 minutes to "put a band-aide" on my smelly bedroom mess:(
What a mess!!!!!!

Then it was off to tin buck drop of Jarett's friend T. home. I had a few seconds to drop Jarett back off at home before going to the girls VBS BBQ up at the local Baptist church were my girls are attend their 3 VBS of the summer. Hotdog and chip dinner for the kids at 5pm! Then the girls had VBS from 6-8:30 pm.
(parents needed to be there at 8:10 for the show)
While the girls were at VBS....
We needed to be there by 7pm! Hubby got off work and joined us!
I will share some picture soon!
I now must go and move the laundry along......this cat mess it taking a while to get cleaned up!!lol

Peace and Joy,

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