Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Jumping Ahead To Autumn!

In my neck of the woods I can already feel a nip in the air! I close my eyes and see colorful leaves drifting to the ground. I can smell the onions cooking at the State Fair. sigh*****

I know I should be enjoying the season I'm in but without my beloved garden.......it is hard to do!

Here in the Pacific Northwest the weather this summer never got to hot. In fact for the past week, life here has been cool and overcast.  It might seem premature to some of you living in regions of really hot weather but I have been dreaming of soup, warm bread, cozy casseroles and apple deserts!

Sipping cider, smelling cinnamon and looking through cookbooks is just a few short weeks away!
In my email this morning I got a video from  Gooseberry Patch! They must have known I was in the mood for this sort of thing! (good marketing because I'm sure I'm not alone).

I have a few  Gooseberry Patch  cookbooks but not this one! I am a cookbook addict so I might have to get this one if our budget allows? (it probley won't allow because hubby's work situation had been up and down.) I do like to dream though!

Remember to silence my play list before starting the short video!

Have a wonderful day!

Peace and Joy,

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