Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Behind Closed Doors~

My littlest one Olivia turned 2 back in October. She is now a BIG girl.....wearing undies and going potty by her own as she would say~with the door closed!  So what really happens in the tiny room when the door is closed for 10-15 mintues with a little tot inside? We all need a bit of privacy do we not?

It looks like she was reading the funnies!
She managed to put a sticker of a skull (handed out by the Sea Fair Pirates at the parade earlier that day) on the toilet seat!
It looks like she had some trouble  fun with the TP!
She put her red boots on before the she had to take them back off and have a "do over"!

My bathroom stays fairly clean but I cringe when she grabs the toilet seat.....I have 6 kiddos...the first for are boys and they don't always lift the seat up! And if they do...well they can be messy!

We do practice good handwashing around here!
We like to use  Mrs. Meyers Clean Day soap and warm water! I keep the bottle out in the kitchen so it does not fall victim to the hands of my little ones. :(  I learned the hard way....but it only took once! {:)

Do you have any funny stories of your potty trainning days?

At our house we let our child take the lead....we just offer the potty and some good reading material:)
We use cloth diapers in our home, that really helps our littles know when they are wetting...
Sadly though...I have zero kids in diapers:(  {some folks might rejoice in that news...but not me!}
We would love a few more little blessings...if thats GOD's plan!
 Keep us in your prayers if you would be so kind?



  1. Oh, Georgiann! I just LOVE the skull sticker!! Ha ha ha! She seems to really enjoy her potty time, doesn't she?!

    Our youngest turned two in March and has been 0%/100% toilet-trained for ages. If we keep him nude from the waist down, he is great. If he is wearing anything -- undies, training pants, diaper -- he just goes in there without fail! This has been going on literally for months. At first, I thought, "Great. I'll let him run around nude for a week or so and he'll get the hang of things." Nope. He just now thinks there are two places to go...either in his pants or, if those are unavailabe, in the potty. :)

    Thanks for the laugh!

  2. Ahhhh....that bathroom scene looks very familiar. My Andrew, 3 years old, is famous for making messes in the bathroom! I read your comment on my blog and just wanted to say hello. I still nurse my youngest(she is now 20 months old) and it took me the "longest" time to get pregnant with this new pregnancy. For one, I'm 40 perhaps my system has slowed a bit, and another thing is that my 20 month old has been such a strong nurser. So perhaps those two things kept me from conceiving? Who knows. It's all the Lord's timing, right? I will pray that the Lord blesses you soon! I love meeting like-minded people who cherish the blessings that the Lord gives to us. Children are blessings, not burdens. I wish more people viewed them that way.


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