Thursday, April 22, 2010

Home Sweet Home~and Earth Day Video~

A large salmon colored California Poppy
(with 8 baby flower heads) can brighten any room.....even if that room needs a bit of decluttering!

A few weeks ago I did some rearrageing.....I took the girls play kitchen that was in my main living room and moved it to a small room that was once the office (then sadly became a storage room for the last 3 years).
I decided it was time to take back that valueble piece of realistate.
The room is 5 feet wide by 9 feet long with a large window.
I got rid of most of what was in the office/storage room....and reorganized the things I was going to keep.
I moved my moss colored table from the office to the the main living room. I put it where the play kitchen and toys once called home.
I moved all the toys into the girls new "play house" room.
 Their dolls and kitchen stuff are now in the side room...with a door! The girls were able to have more toys in the small room...freeing up space in their bedroom.
As you might notice in the top moss colored table/ new homeschool work space is still piled with things that need to find a home/get put away!
Over all things look good and the girls love their new play room~

Happy Earth Day~

Here's a video I found and wanted to share on EARTH DAY!


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