Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend Activities~

This weekend I had planed to sew my little Sweethearts some new dresses.....but after reading Amy's post over at Raising Arrows I decided to do a bit of cleaning.
Here at the Bluebird Cottage my cupith overflows.....especially in the laundry room.
Many folks ask for advice on how a momma of many kids keeps track of the laundry and ALL the clothes.......the truth is I don't! The truth is.....the more things you have,the harder it is to manage.
So I was in a mood to clean and purge! Thanks for the motivation Amy!
I ended up with 7 bags total.....I thought I was done for the day so I snapped the picture and hubby loaded up the car.....I ended up with about 2 1/2 more bags.
Sorry there are no photos of my messy laundry room....its not done being picked up. 
My laundry room is more like a storage unit (it was going to be a family closest)..... hubby still needs to sheet rock and finish the room. The room is 16x8. The washer and dryer are in a smaller room (7x5)as you enter. I can hide the mess by pulling a pretty curtain across the entryway to the large family closet.

I tend to wash the many as 10 large loads a week sometimes more.....but rarely get it all put away. If I have less clothes it will be more manageable.
(we should have never moved things in the room until it was finished!)

Hubby kept the kids busy doing yard work and washing the cars!
After a long hard day......we enjoyed some BBQ'ed chicken, garden salad and berry iced tea prepared by my 4 year old Jackie!

I pray everyone has a great weekend~


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